The University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine is beginning a 3-month research study to assess the usability and effectiveness of the Optimal You mobile app.

For the 3-month pilot study, Optimal You will be available with full content in the Movement core area of health. The tool will have limited content in the other core areas of health.

The pilot study will evaluate:

  • participant use of the tool.
  • perceived impact of the tool on motivation, knowledge, and progress made toward a health goal.
  • quality of the tool (function, appearance, engagement, information).

The evaluation data from the study will be used to improve the design of the tool for its launch as a full-featured app in all 7 Core Areas of Health.

Why Participate in the Research Study?

  • Get early access to the test version of the tool.
  • Help us learn if the tool is useful.
  • Impact the design of the full tool.
  • If you part of a participating site: be eligible for raffle prizes.
Sign Up for the Study